Joomla to WordPress Conversion- A time-tested method of enhancing website usability

With technology undergoing constant upgradations every year, it has become quite essential for people to build websites that have the caliber of grabbing the attention of target audience. Website being the best way of interacting with your audience expects you to pay special attention to creating one that is efficient and fully-functional. If you’re running your own Joomla powered website then a theme migration from Joomla to WordPress can serve as a brilliant means of empowering your site with innovative features and functions. In this blog, I’ve focused on boosting the performance of a Joomla website by switching its theme to WordPress.

Joomla to WordPress ConversionWordPress is a globally accepted open source content management system(CMS)

Today, WordPress is considered as one of the widely used and recommended open source content management systems across the globe. The cost-efficiency of WordPress has made it an ideal choice of small and big business owners who’re looking for creating a unique niche in the world of business. When you choose to convert Joomla to WordPress theme for your site, you get the opportunity of enjoying a range of benefits that allow you to build a remarkable market reputation.

Complete freedom to decide the look and feel of website

Theme migration from Joomla to WordPress renders you complete freedom of deciding the visual feel and the overall functionality of your website. Whether it’s about the design, layout or the functionality, this website theme conversion helps you connect with your target audience on an immediate basis. In this way, you can achieve a completely unique stature for your online portal.

Scope of website customization is endless

Easy website customization has always been the prime concern of every individual who seeks to attain a unique niche over the World Wide Web. Transforming Joomla theme into WordPress enables you to avail the flexibility of customizing the website in any manner you want. With an endless scope of customization,you can easily incorporate plugins that will allow you to make tweaks to the site’s original functionality. In addition to this, you can even enrich your website with modules that would make room for improvements in the site’s content, layout, functionality etc.

Search engines simply love WordPress

Search engine ranking is a key parameter that decides the success or failure of a website. Unlike in the case of a Joomla powered website, a site that has a WordPress theme is much more friendly with all popular search engines. By modifying the Joomla theme to WordPress, you can equip your site with search engine friendly features. Your all-new WordPress website will thus rank higher on all the topmost search engine results pages and get noticed by a wide majority of related audience.

Multi-website management via a single admin panel

Nowadays, it’s quite common for individuals to operate multiple websites. Migration from Joomla to WordPress is an effective way of managing multiple websites using a single administrative panel. Since all these websites are independent of each other, you need not worry about operating separate admin panels for each of them.

Considering all the aforementioned pros of Joomla to WordPress conversion, it won’t be wrong to say that a website which has been upgraded to WordPress theme is definitely capable of turning maximum eye balls. So, go ahead and opt for this website theme conversion to build an online presence that’s both authentic as well as ever-lasting.

Fix WordPress Site’s Security Issues to Give Hackers an Impossibly Hard Time

The rich pleasures of setting up your shopping website on WordPress are known far and abound. Easily the best CMS around, WordPress has been gaining ground from its competitors thick and fast. And thus, you have either people urgently looking for existing WP themes, or resorting to HTML to WordPress theme conversion to transform their static website into a highly powerful and dynamic one.

WP themes security However, with any Internet property, security is always the chief concern. There are a host of highly skilled, yet maliciously intended coders who are looking for loopholes in the websites to gain a backdoor and spell doom for the site owners. With eCommerce websites, the threats are further elevated.

A website that falls short on the security front is least likely to inspire the users to buy from the website and enter their credit card details. The stakes on eCommerce websites are higher since users are meant to enter the confidential informational bits regarding their bank accounts, and thus, a secure site will give users an assurance that the information they enter is safe with you.

Now, as feature rich as WordPress is, there are always some dangers lurking around, owing to certain loopholes that may have crept in. Below, we throw light on some of the most-recommended measures you can take to augment the security of your WordPress website:

Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

In the web realm, SSL is a famed concept, particularly among those dealing with Internet security technologies. In its bare bones, SSL encrypts your connections and data and makes them incomprehensible for the hackers to break into. Only the authorized users have the key to decrypt the data and read it. The whole communication channel is rendered unreadable for the illegitimate users, and thus, it proves to be very handy to boost the security standards of any website.

Go for a WordPress Theme that Inspires Confidence

There are hordes of WordPress themes out there. Some are premium while others are freely available. Are all good for your website? No. when you are in the process of choosing a theme for your website, you need to be absolutely sure that it is not one of those uploaded by hackers just to gain unauthorized access into the sites. There are many themes that are lying there in some corner of the WordPress repository and contain malware and malicious codes to help the theme builder to gain access to any website that uses the theme. Thus, before you install a theme, be absolutely certain that you read the reviews about it and pay attention to the rating awarded to it. The freely available themes can also be trusted, but when you let loose some cash on buying a premium theme, it further improves your chances of running a safer eCommerce website.

Tailor the .htaccess File

Modifying the .htaccess of your website against the security lapses and threats also comes handy to protect your website against anomalies. Many intruders right away attack on a website’s database by leveraging techniques like SQL injection, via which they can inject manipulative commands in the website. However, you can add some code snippets into your website’s .htaccess file. These snippets basically act as rules for accessing your website and filter the accesses based on IP addresses and URL requests.

Change the Defaults with Admin Logins

The biggest security lapse you can make is keeping the admin username as “admin”. Brute force attacks are the most common forms of security attacks on te Internet. This is the first name that hackers have to guess while attempting to break into your website. With only password left to intercept, you are already making their job half-accomplished.

Keep the Updates Rolling

If you haven’t received the memo yet, WordPress updates’ greatest incentive for your website is bolstered security. If your WordPress website’s update hasn’t seen the light of the day as yet, a danger is just lurking round the corner. It is not just to enhance the site’s performance in terms of its plugins and speed, but the upgrades of themes and plugins also inculcate newer algorithms against the newer attacks and viruses.

It’s not just eCommerce, but security lapses can prove to be nasty burns for any sort of website. So, be wise and start paying attention to the security aspect right from the get go. avoiding it is a safe bet?

The popularity of WordPress Development Companies speaks a lot about the constantly growing demand for WordPress solutions and services. WordPress is a vast arena and comes in two variants viz: and While the former one refers to an organization that delivers free downloadable WordPress installations, the latter one represents an entity that renders WordPress software as a ready-to-use service. If you’re thinking about choosing instead of, here’s a blog that will help you learn more about the cons of and why avoiding it can turn to be your best decision.

Here’s a list of reasons why ditching for is good:

1. Access to a limited number of themes and plug-ins:-
Themes and plugins form two crucial aspects of a WordPress powered website. Well, with, you’re constrained to the themes allowed by the site. Currently, the website serves as the hub for 160 themes with some of them available for free and others for a specific sum of cash. Since doesn’t render you flexibility of changing the page structure, you’re infact dependent on the theme’s structure that the author permits you to change.

2. Content and Copyright issue is a part and parcel of
The TOS(Terms of Service) of clearly states that the website has royalty-free access to all your data which can further be used for promoting your WordPress enriched website/blog. In other words, by submitting content to WordPress, com, you grant the site a permission to reproduce, modify and publish the same for displaying, circulating and promoting your blog. Moreover, by choosing, you showcase your confirmation for placement of advertisements on your blog/site. However, you may get these ads removed by paying a marginal sum of $30 per blog on a per annum basis.

3. Adding style comes for a cost:-
On, once you’ve settled on a theme and want to make a few tweaks, you need to purchase the Custom Design Upgrade that can use the CSS available on your blog. Currently, the service is available at a price of $30 per blog on a per year basis. This could get quite pricey in accordance to the count of blogs that need to be customized. In all, handling custom WordPress development seems a challenge if you’ve chosen

To sum it all, can turn to a bad choice for someone who wants to have complete over his/her WordPress site/blog. Loaded with some serious design limitations, dumping is a good option. Then what should you choose? is the answer. Whether its about having an access to numerous themes/plugins, handling the content/copyright matters or adding styles to your site, can serve as your best partner. So, go ahead and leverage the best potential of for making the most of your web presence.

5 Keys to Efficiently Building a WordPress Website

WordPress can get tricky if you glide past the basics and right away aim for the extravagance. Now, any WordPress site can be made as creatively unique as you please, but if you end up not paying attention to the most crucial basics, you might as well find yourself scrambling to put up a website that makes it arduous for a visitor to navigate through, which implies that you have fallen well short of the mark.

Creating a WordPress powered website is about being green and easy at the beginning. You can go bonkers with creativity, but initially, the foundation has to be laid using a step of procedures that won’t lose their relevance over the period of time:

#1.) - The Underlying Theme or Idea it is Representing

To begin with, you need to make sure that the blog’s structure helps the information you put in to send across the requisite brand message across. The idea behind the design and the overall conceptualization of the layout has to be decided upon before you even begin with the actual designing process. Now, whether you are inspired by your likely competitors in creating that concept or you come up with an original one, what matters is that it resonates.

#2.) - Create a Roadmap that Charts Out the Client Requirements

While the creativity bubbling inside you shouldn’t be stifled, but you can’t completely snub the client inputs. At the end of the day, your clients won’t be as impressed by how good your site looks to them. What they are more concerned about is how it pitches their business for accelerated growth and whether it brings them numbers.

The client doesn’t want the website to become the keystone for design as much as they want it to become the keystone of success. And there definition of “success” is the measure of customers they gain out of it.

So, have a clear eyed idea of what your objectives are, and create your website around those objectives.

#3.) - Decide How You Wish to Execute it – Using Conversions or by Building the Site from Scratch

Now, a WordPress website can be built in more than one ways. While some prefer to begin right from the scratch, others take a comparatively shorter route by taking a design file and getting it converted to a WordPress template.

And then, there is the third category of webmasters who take prefer converting an already existing HTML site to a WordPress one. HTML sites are pretty static but they have a number of things ready made and thus, the process to convert those is takes lesser time and you get more room to innovate and ideate. Also, the PSD designs are tried and true and you have a better idea regarding how to shape them into your preferred template.

The HTML to WordPress conversion has been the much sought-after technique to create the most responsive and visually the most appealing WordPress templates. Get some great developers and designers on board who have extensive experience in executing these conversions and let your template make a boast.

#4.) - Install Some Tools and Plugins to Give a Velvet touch to the Site

If you didn’t have your ears to the ground, you must be realizing the value WordPress plugins can add to your site. With the market tossing competent competitors at a blinding speed, it is imperative to stand out. And these plugins let you achieve exactly that.

Now there are some obvious plugins like Jetpack, Google Analytics, SEO Yoast, etc. So will scroll through some plugins that not so popular, but extremely resourceful nevertheless

Some of the plugins you can’t miss out on:

  • Broken Link Checker- For all the invalid links on posts and images, the Broken Link Checker is a perfect tool to replace them.

  • W3 Total Cache- Now, this may already be a popular plugin, but one that needs to be repeatedly mentioned. Boost Your website’s speed reliably with this de facto of a plugin.

  • WordPress Backup to Dropbox: In the event the site crashes, here is something you can fall back on

  • BJ Lazy Load: For a greater control over the images used in the post, like for scaling them, making them more responsive, etc, BJ Lazy Load is an exceptional plugin.

#5.) – Get some Quality Content Up on the Site

Be it for your own site, or for your client’s, you have to put up some quality content on the site to complement the overall design of the site. If you are developing a site for the client, make sure you communicate to them that publishing a reasonable amount of content that is qualitatively rich is the only way they can hope to get Google notice them.

WordPress surely has a stamp all overt the web and your decision to choose it over the other CMS is already well placed. Follow that with attention to every detail that there is to building a site, and you will be winningly rewarded.

How WordPress Lets You Create Striking Website with Utter Simplicity

The technology doesn’t cease to greet us with innovations that are bigger, fancier, and better than the present (and soon to be past) stock. And when it comes to web technology, there is an elevated focus on quality, and the frequency with which novel solutions are tossed at us.

And if we draw more focus at the content Management systems that are available to the web developers of the world to create websites on, there are several much-recommended and much-revered options for developers to choose from.

However, if you go by sheer stats, WordPress rules beyond a speck of doubt:

  • . When Technorati listed its top 100 blogs, as much as 48% of those websites were built on WordPress.

  • On this date in calendar, a mind boggling 75 million websites, in some way or other, depend on WordPress. Half of such websites are solely hosted on

  • Every second, 5-6 WordPress posts are published across the web realm. This piece of stats is astonishing in itself, but not so when you compare it with the previous ones.

The above stats make it clear (if only by a glimpse) that WordPress is indeed a choice that should work the best for your business, among all the other available options. There is a greater degree of certainty in respect to the benefits this CMS can vest you up with.

So, whether you have design files waiting to be converted into a website, or you seek to go for HTML to WordPress conversion, the decision shouldn’t be a difficult one for you to make. There are conclusive reasons backing them, and when you hire services of a professional WordPress development company, there is much to be gained. Let us take a non-statistic look at those reasons:

Fresh and Novel W3C Themes

When you are converting a PSD file or a static HTML site to WordPress, you have the wherewithal to do so using hand-coded technique, which to a large extent guarantees originality of themes and lesser scope for errors. The resulting themes are characterized by a clutter free perm link structure and every short-term goals you set for the website are easily gettable and you are able to steer clear of the typical issues.

Placing Semantic Markups Becomes Simpler

For making sure that the semantic markups you inject to the website pitch it well for receiving more and more organic traffic, you need a system that facilitates simpler inclusion of these markups. And WordPress lets you achieve exactly that. It offers you a simpler and much more effective way to implement semantic markups so that the search engine crawlers have easy time scanning information on your website and indexing it in a way that they are returned at a good rank whenever the relevant query is searched for.

The DIY-Factor

Not every webmaster has an easy access to a rollicking developer. When you want a website that you can make modifications to without seeking outside help, WordPress again proves to be the perfect choice. The non fussy structure and the user-friendly tools of WordPress let the website managers seamlessly manage their site and make changes on the fly – as and when the requirements dictate that. You do not need to be an HTML expert and WordPress also spares you the usage of complex editor tools like Dreamweaver.

Customization Unbridled

The market never remains static, so why should your website be. The web development realm calls for constant reinventions and wordpress theme customization every fortnight, and with WordPress hoisting your website, do so becomes a breeze. There are different themes for you to choose from and whenever you feel the need to change the overall layout of the site or make it more responsive on different devices and operating systems, all you need to do is a simple search process to look for a perfect-fit template and install it without having to know any coding.

Extending the Features and Overall Functionality is Not a Sweat-soaked Exercise

Now this can also come under the ‘customization capabilities’ point, but when we say ‘extending’ we usually refer to reaching level of functionality you didn’t envisage when you had built the website. The WordPress plugins are abundant in number. Whether it is for more regular functions like boosting the SEO, increasing site’s security or speed, or whether it is for those not-so-common features like customizing which related posts are seen under specific posts, embedding the different social media buttons, creating author boxes, modifying website on festivals or for different occasions, you have a plugin for every desirable feature.

The trends might fluctuate at a warp speed, but the way WordPress keeps molding and reinventing itself, we can be rest assured that this CMS is always going to dictate trends in its favor.

Thinking About Converting Your Designs into WordPress Theme? – WordPrax is Here to Help You Out!!!

Initially launched as an incredible blogging platform, WordPress hasn’t stopped surprising web developers hailing from different genres. The flexibility and robustness of WordPress has delivered brilliant results for website owners dealing with varied business verticals. If you too are still stuck to the traditional means of designing websites using Photoshop then its good time to switch to the all-new WordPress enabled site. Having said so, you’d be thinking which company to choose for converting your website’s plain PSD designs into feature-loaded WordPress theme-based web portal. Well, the answer is right here. WordPrax is a leading name in WordPress CMS Development Services domain. The company is here to render you flawless PSD to WordPress theme conversions at the best prices.

Wordprax Ltd.

Why choose WordPrax for PSD to WordPress theme conversions?

#1. - 10+ Glorious years in business
#2. - 50,000+ Successfully completed WordPress projects
#3. - 350+ WordPress developers on-board
#4. - 4500+ planet-wide satisfied clients
#5. - 1500+ WordPress themes delivered till date
#6. - 750+ WordPress plugins delivered till date
#7. - Accreditation from NASSCOM & STPI
#8. - Competitive pricing and support models
#9. - 24/7 support across all time-zones
#10. - 100% Seamless after project-implementation support for 30 days

WordPrax- A sweet surprise for people seeking website upgradation services

Considering the widespread acceptance of WordPress, it can be easily predicted that the CMS will definitely prove to be the bread and butter of an incredible number of entrepreneurs all over the globe. Having delivered more than 50,000 WordPress websites, WordPrax is the company you can bank on. All WordPress developers employed with the firm confer the clients with exceedingly optimized WordPress solutions.

Designed with a vigil eye on excellence, the PSD to WordPress conversion services of WordPrax are thoroughly competent in making your site responsive and visually appealing. With a perfect execution of WordPress solutions, WordPrax is competent enough in addressing even the minutest requirements of a diversified web audience. The trained developers hand-code your pixel-rich designs into fully responsive, high-quality and cross-browser compatible WordPress themes that are further pitched for creating websites which are both inspiring and visually appealing.

WordPrax- Turning plain designs into feature-loaded WordPress themes

Although Photoshop has been considered as the traditional tool for web designing, there are some factors that hold it back from becoming the number one choice of web designers across the globe. Well, if you own a site that includes PSD designs, you stand a chance of losing a good amount of web traffic. Moreover, the restricted customization options available with Photoshop designs refrain you from tweaking the look and feel of your website as per your preferences. Deploying the web design conversion task to experts at WordPrax has made room for switching to a cross-browser compatible version for your website.

The PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion services delivered by WordPrax come with widget-ready sidebar full customization.

Moreover, the firm also ensures that your newly improved website is friendly with all the major search engines. Custom WordPress theme design has been a specialty of professionals at WordPrax. Whether its about improving an existing WordPress theme or designing one from scratch, WordPress theme designers at WordPrax are thoroughly competent in delivering the best quality final product. Equipped with jQuery based image sliders and spam protection features, WordPress themes delivered by WordPrax have met and even exceeded the expectations of globally-located clients. So, if you too are planning to convert your designs into WordPress theme, then WordPrax is the company you can’t miss out partnering with.

“At Wordprax, Everything is WordPress, WordPress is Everything!”


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Wordprax -Your WordPress Buddy!!!

In the Internet realm, where a new website springs up every new moment, you can’t afford your website to be ‘one of them’. Exclusivity has to be your strong suit, and that’s where WordPrax makes it count – for you.

Singularity and novelty are at the very fibre of our offerings. In WordPrax’s ensemble of WordPress services, you find a perfect instrument to sail over the mundane and mediocre solutions that keep assailing the the market ever so consistently. We don’t let the hotchpotch of web make its way into your web development setup.

At WordPrax – WordPress is Everything. Everything is WordPress.

At WordPrax, experts are not made to stretch their limbs in all directions. WordPress is our core-competency and that’s where all the focus is concentrated on.

Keeping a tonal consistency, we deliver precision on all counts. A top-of-the-funnel WordPress service providers on a global scale, WordPrax doesn’t undercut any mode of web development, and instead, offers you services that are fully furnished and absolute holistic in nature. And along the way, it has been assisted by the unwavering dedication of its technology experts.

We Go Beyond Mainstream

At WordPrax, we incessantly branch out to territories that are left uncharted by our peers in order to vest you up high-impact solutions that create a separate identity for you. Exclusivity is made your strong suit while we help you step firmly on the accelerated growth curve.

The pallette of WordPrax’s WordPress services includes:

PSD To WordPress – The design files in your resource-box need to be utilized for refashioning your website in order to lend it a look more refined and all-encompassing. And this is where our PSD to WordPress services come into play. We convert your quality photoshop designs into WordPress themes that make an authentic boast for their pixel-rich visual appeal and their compatibility across an ensemble of platforms and devices.

Custom WordPress Development – In an age where everything ‘default’ has lost its signficance, having the power of getting something custom-built is what businesses yearn for at all times. WordPrax’s custom WordPress development is a step – rather, a giant stride – in that direction. Our clients chart out their diversified requirements and we work by paying individual attention to each of those requisites and deliver WordPress themes that inculcate those specifics, while adding a few more that keep you in sync with the times.

WordPress Theme Customization – A subset of our Custom WordPress development services, the WordPress theme customization entails tailoring your WordPress themes to suit your varying web sensibilities and to make it more attuned with the current trends.

WordPress Plugin DevelopmentWhen the intent is to make your website more enriching and absorbing, relying on the pre-loaded features may not serve the purpose entirely. WordPrax offers dynamic WordPress plugins that enable to add more versatility to your website without really making an effort. Our plugins are easy to install, responsive and do not affect your site’s speed.

The unwavering focus on quality and practicability of its solutions have powered Wordprax to remain at the top of the minds of businesses and individuals seeking WordPress development services. And with our resolve to continue on our present trajectory – while striving to elevate it further – we are posed to make greater and deeper inroads on the global web development scenario.

Lift-up Your WordPress Site with Plugin Development

Plugins are a major part of a WordPress site. They are the reasons of its popularity, its functionality, and its rock-solid performance. They help you to perk up your online visibility and helps you extend the capability of your website to meet the diverse needs of online audience. Whereas themes revamp the look of your website, plugins channelises the way they should work. With plugins you can do anything such as customize your post types, add tables to your database to track the popularity of your content, enhance SEO capabilities, link your content with the social media platforms and more.

Wordpress Plugin Development Service

It would be good if more and more people will start using WordPress plugins by taking the help of WordPress plugin development service, this way they will be able to come up with a website that their users are actually interested in. And, in this article we will discuss the importance of plugin development and benefits you get when you add plugins to your WordPress site.

1. Plugins Bring Functionality to Your Website

As an additional software code, a plugin can be easily added to your website within your admin area and thus help you bring extra functionality such as getting blog statistics, search engine optimisation, and when things go wrong, it will help you to raise the quality bar of your website. So, from a simplest tweak to a drastic makeover, a plugin is all you need to promote your website.

2. Plugins Spruce up the Look of Your Website

When a website has been built, you proceed to revamp the overall look and feel of your website. Here, at this time when the role of plugins comes to the scene. These plugins will help you enhance the appearance of your website. You can integrate pictures, videos, background music extra with the help of some specific plugins such as Tubepress, Contus Video Gallery, Faster Image Insert, Photo Gallery etc. There are also certain plugins that help you conduct day-to-day activities of your website such as BackupBuddy, WordPress SEO by Yoast, Akismet and more.

Since, it’s quite difficult to monitor each and activity of your website, plugins can automatically track the working on your website and inform you whenever the need arises.

3. Plugins Let You Share Your Content Easily

Plugins are a great way of sharing your posts or content to a wider range of audience by integrating your website to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and more. Users can subscribe to your website and provide comments and suggestions. There are certain plugins that provide statistics and review ratings of your content. By sharing your content and inviting them to leave their precious comments on your post helps you develop a positive relationship with your readers and thus help your website grow.

4. Plugins Enhance Security

Plugins work wonderfully when it comes to providing high-end security to your website. They help your website to remain protected against security threats or malware attacks, thus keep your website safe. There are some great plugins such as Better WP Security, Ultimate Security Checker, BackUpWp etc., that help you fix the weak spots of the website and prepared it against security hacks.


WordPress as a most popular CMS of the world has myriads of plugins to offer. Plugins motivate your website by increasing its functionalities and make it more engaging and dynamic.

What makes WordPress a viable CMS choice?

Online presence plays an imperative role for almost every business, whether you are using it to promote your products and services or want to boost your online fan following by sharing your thoughts via a blog.

There are plethora of content management systems available out there that allows site owners to conveniently handle their site content, features and functions. Many developers recommend a platform with which they are most familiar and comfortable without even realizing the needs and objectives of the website. Understanding and knowing a platform that would be ideal for your project will help you save both time and money.

Drupal to WordPress ConversionTo say that WordPress is a great content management system would be too mainstream, but, it has to be said that it has been beautifully blossomed into an open source CMS from a blogging platform. And by observing Google trends, it has been depicted that WP tops the chart and is quite popular among the people across the globe.

Whilst there is an intense competition between the available CMS, every platform has certain benefits over the other. The utile features of this CMS have encouraged individuals to head towards WP sites. If we consider top 1 million websites that are using a CMS, it can be observed that WP covers around 14% of the sites while Drupal has only 1.3% sites. This difference creates a big question about the success of the Drupal sites, and this is why people are looking out for significant ways to convert Drupal to WordPress to ensure their online success. There are numerous beneficial features of WordPress that has made it an optimal choice among the web masters.

Let’s have a look at its certain features that make WordPress a preferred choice over Drupal.

WP offers convenience at its best –

WP allows its users to control their site from the dashboard itself, it is very simple to use and quite similar to other free blogging systems. It also facilitates certain built-in features for SEO and blogging, thus, you can control and customize every bit of your site with ease.

Whereas, Drupal offers innumerable features but all of them are required to be customized and it is quite hard for a beginner to understand and work with the Drupal features (as they are a bit confusing).

Get myriads of plugins and themes with easier customization in WP

There is no dearth of WordPress plugins and themes, you can get a plethora of options (including both free and premium). There are over 32,900 plugins and over 2,600 themes in WP and more than 15,500 modules and over 1,200 themes in Drupal, these numbers clearly dictate that since, WP offers more options it would provide more added benefits comparatively. Moreover, most of the available WP themes and plugins facilitate users to customize the then as and when desired.

Massive WordPress community support -

WordPress being a popular platform possesses a giant community support (featuring tech savvy individuals, highly experienced developers and more) that allows its users to easily learn WP, as, users can conveniently interact with the community over the Internet via forums, blogs, etc. However, Drupal is not tough to use, but it’s actually hard to learn how to use.

 Bottom Line:

Observing the astounding features of WordPress, it can be said that WordPress sites can ensure superior online presence. Hence, creating an effective WP site and optimizing it under absolute professional guidance would be a great investment and will worth well in future.

Pitching Your eCommerce Website for Sterling Results

While the eCommerce industry is taking giant strides, what needs to be understood is that there no secret recipe to success if you are stepping into the big and bang world of eCommerce.

Getting more and more people buy the stuff you are selling is matter of concocting an ensemble of things, and in the most accurate measure so that there is no overdose or underdose. There is no denying the fact that on this date, more and more people are leaning towards online store to buy their preferred products, because it lets them scroll through the options and make purchases right from the comforts of their homes. Besides, the eCommerce websites give them the luxury of comparing different items, and contemplating on buying them at will. As opposed to the brick and mortar stores, they don’t have to go back and forth between different corridors or floors. Everything is right there for their consideration.

Be it as it may, we aren’t really focussing on the benefits of eCommerce business. What we intend to highlight is how you, as an online merchant, can leverage these benefits for the empowerment of your business and how you can glide past your competition which is only mounting up at a breakneck speed, so to speak.

Integrating Magento into WordPress

So, if you wish to make deeper and more powerful impact on the eCommerce realm, here are a bunch of things to be taken into consideration:

Target Your Customers Well

When a customer comes to your store to buy a specific product, you can’t attempt to pull his attention in different directions. What you instead need to do is draw the focus on the best offering you have from the product line the customer is seeking to buy. The customer psychology has to be understood well and it has to be the most decisive input to your eCommerce website development endeavor.

You need to make efforts to ensure that the customers keep coming back to your site, which can be facilitated by offering them a great user experience. More customers you retain, more stability you bring to your store.

Don’t Make it Robotic

If you have been led to believe that your eCommerce store should be strictly containing only the descriptions of the products and along with that some promotional information, you are most likely to be off the mark with your stratagem. It is important to make your website interesting and more interactive. There shouldn’t be just product specifications and features crowding your website with a thumbnail shot of the products. Having few flash banners (not the cheesy ones) some industry-relevant news and quality images of your product line will spice up things a little and create a not-so-robotic vibe.

Keep the Content Interactive

Interactiveness can not just be introduced through pictures and flashes, but content can go a long way in creating an interpersonal connect with your audience. Get creative and write the product features in an interesting manner. Educate your buyers so that they get bona fide reasons to invest with you.

Provide Live Support

Every once in a while your visitors would like to communicate with someone from your company, and if they can’t find Live Support, they just might navigate off to your competitors website. Customer support goes a long way in gaining customer confidence and proves to be a decisive factor in your customer-retention endeavor. Doubts might creep in at any time while scrolling your website, but if there is someone they can branch out to for help, that should serve you well.

Keep Track

It is not a rare scenario when a customer selects the products he or she wants to buy, adds them to the curt, and then leaves without hitting the purchase button. This affects your conversion rates. Install the Customer Follow Up 1.0’ Magento extension that sends an email to the customers who leave your website at the very last moment.

Market it Well

Online marketing can bring in the riches in abundance. And eCommerce websites need to be marketed with a greater degree of zeal since the competition is huge. Thus, you need to carefully chart out your marketing strategies in order to make an impact and maximize your reach to the farthest corners of the market. So, plan your marketing approach well in advance. Use different types of online marketing techniques.

Seek out social media platforms and perform social media marketing as this is one area that is going to bring in hordes of visitors and possible customers for you. Connect to your audience on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and other platforms you deem fit for your website. And do not forget to include emails in your marketing plan, as email marketing can bring you results the likes of which seem unachievable by other techniques. Increase the list of your subscribers and make sure every time you launch a new product, your customers are notified about it in their inbox. Once your updates start getting delivered directly in the inbox of your target audience, you can expect large numbers to pour in.

While new trends will keep influencing your approach, there are eCommerce-website basics that you need to stay true to at all times. Reach the specialists at Wordprax for CMS site improvement necessities.