Which WordPress development trends will be popular in 2019?

Wordpress Development Trends
With each new year, we come up with articles and blogs on WordPress trends. Did you know that these trends are based on what came in the past year and how it would continue to remain popular even in the next year. It is senseful to say that we can’t forever think of new trends every year. Either the trends are modified a little or some are kept the same way. These trends in WordPress development are basically related to the theme trends or the development process or they are related to the colors and theme outlays of the websites. Whatever the way or the trends are, it is important that the website developer always keeps in mind some trends that are sure of making the website a great success. There is no denying the fact that it is completely true that a WordPress website with all the latest trends are more successful than other websites.

However, there are many factors which decide the success of a WordPress website development, which we have already discussed in many articles. One of the most important factor that plays a great role in deciding the success of a WordPress website is that you should have a professional web developer who is expert in WordPress CMS.

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Trends of WordPress development to follow in 2019:

Drag and drop theme builders:

Developing WordPress is already considered among the most easiest methods to get a website created for yourself, a blog or a client’s complex website. There is a whole lot of less code required to create a website that looks amazing and works amazing. To make WordPress website designing and development even more easier, there are drag and drop builders to create themes of the websites in a completely personalised and customized way for sure. Using these ready to use builders lessens the hassles of creating the website.

Interesting Video background in loops:

Videos- Visuals in movement capture and grasp the attention of the web visitor immediately. This is the reason why videos are put into the backgrounds of the website. They are played in loops and the WordPress website thus created gives an amazing representation of the business to the web visitors. This trend got really popular a few years ago and thankfully, it will be again more popular in 2019 as well.

Integration of AR and VR technology:

We are already watching trends in the industry and we have got the reason why WordPress developers have created a plug-in that contributes to the content of the VR/ AR and 360 degree WordPress website. This is only the beginning of the use of VR, as we will be forwarding towards 2019, it will become increasingly easy to see websites with this new trend. In addition to VR, amazing websites with AR technology will be seen in more and more number as we proceed further in 2019.

Focus on mobile-based design:

Another common trend is based on mobile design, which means the speed of mobile page and progressive web applications. Most of the traffic comes from mobile devices, the AMP page is light, because visitors do not have to wait long to download all, Google’s top priority AMP page, taking into account the ranking factor. The WordPress developer is easily able to create websites using mobile-responsive themes.

Animation for interactivity:

Preliminary Flash-based animation has gained a lot of popularity in the WordPress development for the websites, but there are some limitations that it has faded away. However, now we see the fact that HTML5 and CSS3 have improved. This makes the dynamic user-experience more interactive. Many WordPress sites, now use particle animation instead of image or video. Because there is availability in the Java library to create Animation.

Powerful and bold combination of colors:

“You may have your favorite color as long as black” but it hasn’t existed for a long time. Today is a combination of bold color and contrast. People are well versed in colors, so their choices have a significant impact on branding and website visibility. In fact, according to Buffer, 90% of the product’s evaluation is completely based on colors. Drag and drop theme builder

Highly Vibrant and bright color themes:

Using vibrant and bright colored themes would be a great feature if it proceeds further in the year of 2019. This minimalist design emphasizes simplicity when using smooth color, clarity and sufficient margins. This not only focuses on displaying content, but also ensures that the website loads quickly on all devices and makes it more refined. This minimalism is reflected in Arnold’s theme. It primarily concerns creativity and utilizes empty space to highlight text and images. In fact, the design evolved to include scales, shadows and images more widely. This deepens the depth of the page in WordPress development and leads to attractive designs.


We have curated this list of the trends in WordPress to follow in 2019 with much care and attention. You can choose to have a look at the WordPrax reviews and decide for yourself if the standards match well with the qualities that a good WordPress development company should own.

Steps to create a flawless PSD to WordPress website

There is no doubt about the fact that WordPress CMS is the best website development platform to create websites with amazing features and functionalities. After all, it is very important to get a unique website developed. A website is the identity of a brand for the people. That face value should be very much different from all others in the competition, don’t you agree?

If you already have a website that is made in HTML or you have just started a PSD design of the website to get your website created, then you still have time to create your website in the world’s best CMS- that is WordPress and choose a professional PSD to WordPress website development company based on the expertise and qualifications that the company has.

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We can keep on writing about the USP of WordPress and still it’s possible that we can miss on some of the features that WordPress offers to the users worldwide.

We have already written so many articles praising about the features of WordPress, you can browse from the list of those articles.

Your Guide to convert PSD to WordPress easily:

This article is aimed purely at the steps to convert PSD to WordPress conversion. In this writeup, we are going to discuss some important steps that goes into converting the PSD files to WordPress theme. The main benefit here is that you don’t have to regret your investments later on when you see other similar websites as yours!

Essential Steps to Convert PSD to WordPress theme:

In this process, the main component is PSD design file which are the foundation of any website that is customized according to the business requirements. This can be provided by the client himself or a team of designers can be hired to create design files of the website. A professional web designer only knows the ins and outs of designing in this popular photo editing and web page designing software. It’s called Adobe Photoshop and is used by the web designers worldwide.

What is a PSD file?

It is a prerequisite of any WordPress theme development process. AS we talked above, customized PSD files are needed for continuing the process further on…

Next we move on to the PSD to WordPress which involves the slicing process and how to do it in a professional manner.

It is a very detailed process and needs the designer to be very experienced as well. The design files in PSD are to be chopped and sliced into high resolution parts of images that will be put into the website theme. Remember to save these design elements after the slicing process in different folders so that there is no confusion regarding anything! Photoshop is used to slice the images of design.

Websites look great with dynamic elements and designs but websites tend to get slower with these so don’t forget to optimize these images. The 3 main components of web page design are: A Header, Separator, background, footer, Menu etc…More elements can be added, no doubt but these are the basic ones for sure! Colors and pixels should be dealt with perfection.

Creating index.html and style.css files:

After the slicing of the PSD files, now comes the turn to create index.html and style.css files so that the website can be designed according to the requirements. A static HTML and a dynamic CSS can be created in this step to give a structure to the website. When you create these files, don’t forget to name them as index.html and style.css.

Now, the PSD files that were chopped and sliced in the first step need to be put to the right files that have been created here. Here is the time to make your website responsive which is very important and also add dynamic designs to the website in PSD to WordPress theme development process.

Let’s move onto the next step of PSD to WordPress conversion:

For your information, WordPress has a standard file structure, adhering to which you will be able to make the most out of WordPress widgets and plugins as long as compatibility issues are concerned.

Let’s break the WordPress file structure as this:

  • Index.php
  • header.php
  • Sidebar.php
  • Footer.php

There are many .php files also. A few snippets of code can be added further to these files and copy paste code work is also feasible in some general aspects. What matters is that a professional WordPress developer for hire will take care of all the necessary things in the process so that no issues arise towards the end of the process at any cost.

Keep adding additional functionalities until a  great website:

Since we are aware of the fact that WordPress is open-source software, there is no limit to the fact that each and every entrepreneur can get a highly innovative and creative website in their niche or category of business.

Moving to the further addition of the features and functionalities, we are already done with the successful completion of PSD to WordPress conversion. An expert developer will add some unique features with his prowess of programming and coding skills.

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After a tailor-made theme is created by the team of designers and developers, now the theme would be uploaded to the Appearance>Themes section in the WordPress dashboard.

Now, the website owner will yield the benefits of his website because the website is made according to the requirements of the website, moreover, the website will be in tune with the latest trends of the website development in the industry. In fact, if you hire a WordPress developer to create your website, you will completely harness the power of this CMS and will be able to modify the website as and when required in future. So, WordPress gives you the freedom to design, develop as well as modify and edit the website with complete flexibility and the availability of the themes and the plugins with customization priority helps even more.


You may ask that is it possible to perform the above steps by yourself even if you are not a professional WordPress developer. We would definitely not recommend you to convert PSD to WordPress without the help of an expert web developer who is able to understand the requirements of every business and then convert the PSD design files accordingly. He will also need to keep in mind the ethics to convert the design files which a layman can’t do. Moreover, one without deep knowledge about the process can easily fall prey to the glitches and bugs in future.


Better websites with WordPress development with these trends

Almost one-third quarter of the total websites are made in WordPress CMS and that is not without the reason. Is it?

Well, there are many articles which are published praising this worthy CMS over others. We are all in for those posts and love to post those “Benefits of WordPress development” ourselves too. After all, this CMS is sure like a treasure showering onto the world with unique and creative ideas not seen in other website development platforms as well.

Not only the advantages posts, but you must have come across countless hundred stories revolving around the evolution of WordPress CMS. After all, it deserves to be praised every now and then for the sake of all the WordPress users around the world who are completely dependent on this platform for earning their bread and butter. Not only a freelancing job, but there are many offices that operate solely on creating amazing websites with WordPress Development services as well as providing websites after development to their clients.

Why following WordPress Trends create better websites?

WordPress has some very basic features that help the users create websites with individual business requirements. Therefore, we can say that WordPress holds the potential to design and develop the websites in the way that really impresses the website visitors in every aspect possible. Also, creating these websites are not really that difficult if WordPress development company is hired for all the professional services.

Moreover, if the website developer is expert in creating websites, there are chances that the website created will be really able to impress the web visitors and will also bring much profit to the company or brand.

Trends of WordPress development to follow in 2019:

● Integrating Video Headers into the website:

If you own an online business, you need to know that the most representative video content is posted on the site. Therefore, this is a major trend in web design, if you want to use video, Version 4.7 WordPress has a good ability to loop video header. It will help with some new design of the website and create an innovative look, and will also support customization. We are very much sure that video header integration can create unique websites sure to impress any web visitor.

● Website Builders exclusively for WordPress:

WordPress development is becoming easier day by day because the user can easily customize their own website, and this is surely becoming a great trend popular with the WordPress users these days and will be more popular even in 2019. Therefore, you do not need to become an expert in web development. WordPress, offers simple tools that users don’t feel difficult to use. The customization process of drag and drop eases out the process, the new user can easily change the web design without the help of technical assistance as well.

● Focus on mobile-based design:

Another common trend is based on mobile design, which means the speed of mobile page and progressive web applications. Most of the traffic comes from mobile devices, the AMP page is light, because visitors do not have to wait long to download all, Google’s top priority AMP page, taking into account the ranking factor. The WordPress developer is easily able to create websites using mobile-responsive themes.

● Integration of AR and VR technology:

We are already watching trends in the industry and we have got the reason why WordPress developers have created a plug-in that contributes to the content of the VR/ AR and 360 degree WordPress website. This is only the beginning of the use of VR, as we will be forwarding towards 2019, it will become increasingly easy to see websites with this new trend. In addition to VR, amazing websites with AR technology will be seen in more and more number as we proceed further in 2019.

● Animation for interactivity:

Preliminary Flash-based animation has gained a lot of popularity in the WordPress development for the websites, but there are some limitations that it has faded away. However, now we see the fact that HTML5 and CSS3 have improved. This makes the dynamic user-experience more interactive. Many WordPress sites, now use particle animation instead of image or video. Because there is availability in the Java library to create Animation. It helps to attract the web visitor instantly and therefore, the popularity of the website increases with this feature!

● Highly Vibrant and bright color themes:

Using vibrant and bright colored themes would be a great feature if it proceeds further in the year of 2019. This minimalist design emphasizes simplicity when using smooth color, clarity and sufficient margins. This not only focuses on displaying content, but also ensures that the website loads quickly on all devices and makes it more refined. This minimalism is reflected in Arnold’s theme. It primarily concerns creativity and utilizes empty space to highlight text and images. In fact, the design evolved to include scales, shadows and images more widely. This deepens the depth of the page in WordPress development and leads to attractive designs.

● Powerful and bold combination of colors:

“You may have your favorite color as long as black” but it hasn’t existed for a long time. Today is a combination of bold color and contrast. People are well versed in colors, so their choices have a significant impact on branding and website visibility. In fact, according to Buffer, 90% of the product’s evaluation is completely based on colors. It makes sense that using colorful combinations is the perfect way to make your site more popular. WordPress designers have owned this trend and they are experimenting on the colors by customizing the themes.

For example, with the Skin theme, you can select two colors to create a scale for your site. You can also create your own gradations and add patterns.

● Use of micro-interactions:

The design is based on details. The growing trend of micro-interaction focuses on these details and has become increasingly popular in recent years. As the name implies, this concept refers to how elements of a website respond to small interactions in different ways. An example of this concept is to play short animations when you click or move the icon. You may have to face this situation yourself, for example, the Facebook React with emojis! Micro interaction brings a living and emotional feeling to your site. They do not look at static data boundaries, they feel really interacting with the page.

With Animate It, you can add similar effects to your site! More. With this extension, you can add animation to almost any content, such as images and text. You can also set this feature in WordPress development when to start the animation, how many times to play and start and stop the points.


We really hope you liked this list of trends that will rock the WordPress development in 2019 and coming years as well.

How WordPress customization helps to create great blogs?

WordPress is the most powerful and dynamic CMS for developing blogs and commercial websites. According to a recent study, WordPress accounts for about 60% of the world’s CMS market. Not only this, WordPress supports almost 15% of the 100 best websites of the world. WordPress customization helps the WordPress developers to create client WordPress websites with personalised and customized features and functionalities to suit different website requirements of the business. This is the actual reason why WordPress has always attracted the people as opposed to some of the other good CMSes.

Why is WordPress different from other CMS around the world?

The popularity of WordPress may be related to the number of reasons. It is an open source content management system with some powerful tools for professional publishing. Any WordPress user can easily design and develop the website with a rich widget and add extra features with so many paid and free plugins of course. It is a well known fact about WordPress that it is an open source CMS meaning the user is free to use it with their own choice and mix and match the features of this CMS with many others. This will help in personalising the website very easily. Hiring a professional WordPress developer  It also allows you to install hundreds of free or paid themes to make your site more attractive. This blog post explains the power of the WordPress built-in tool. These tools make it easy to create and publish content. Let’s look at the WordPress tool.

1. Advanced Settings with Theme Options:

All versions that have been published since WordPress v3.4 are supported by a powerful theme customizer that allows you to make advanced changes to the WordPress site. Note that because each theme has its own frame and settings, the customization options may vary by subject.

2. Hassle-free Visual and video integration:

The visual editor and HTML editor are built into WordPress and can be used to edit pages and messages on your site. The visual editor makes it easier for you to improve the look of your site because you can choose the style you want in WordPress Customization options. Adding and including images in video content is easy.

3. YouTube Video embedding:

Embedding video is very easy. Simply put, the web visitor is able to click on YouTube video is a chance to check out some interesting content on the website. Select the -Copy Embed Code, return to the WordPress Editor, and click in the top right corner of the editor to go to HTML editing. After you change, paste the embedded code that you copy from YouTube.

4. Breaking long posts into pages with Pagination:

This feature is crucial for those who write long posts and content on the website. This feature, Pagination- gives a consistent break to the long posts so that they can be divided into several pages and thus giving the Next Page option to the readers of the website. It really helps the daily readers to read long posts easily. This is an amazing way for WordPress customization for sure.

5. Built-in permalink Settings:

Permalink is one of the most important aspects of SEO because SEO-friendly permalinks can help improve your site’s ranking and position. In WordPress’s built-in permalink configuration, one can choose from five different permalink structures or one can define a custom structure based on the plan. One can add year, month, class, mail name, author, and other tags to the permalink.

6. Showing recent posts on the side or bottom:

Want to show recent posts or galleries in the sidebar or footer? Don’t worry, because you don’t have to be a hardcore WordPress developer in order to add this feature to your WordPress website. WordPress has its own section for managing different widgets. Depending on the flexibility and options available in the theme, one can add, edit, or delete widgets for the sidebar, title, or footer.

7. Secretive Display Settings for WordPress website:

Are you WordPress Geek, haven’t you seen screen settings yet? This is not surprising. The display settings are not hidden, but they are available in a small drop-down menu located in the upper right corner of the WordPress dashboard. There are attractive screen settings and display  options such as pictures, tags, categories, interesting options. In addition, there are different options for each theme and plugin as well.

8. Using dynamic Plugins for customizing the website:

Want to add brand new features and social media gadgets through plugins? WordPress has got your back. The WordPress repository has many different plugins that extend the functionality and ease of use of your site, and you can add additional features to your site based on the requirements for WordPress customization.

9. Increasing the website rank with robust SEO:

This option is typically used when the blog is in development and has no content or if you have imported demo content and you don’t want to create a directory. So you can hide or unhide the search engine robot’s website with just a few clicks. When your site is ready to be launched, make sure that your website is able to get discovered.

10. Easy Restoration of the previous versions:

Do you want to restore messages or pages from previous versions? There are many reasons behind WordPress rules, and Post Revisions is one of them. Currently WordPress has built-in settings that allow you to save all previous versions of the page and easily restore them. Sometimes, what happens is that you don’t like the changes you made to the website which can be saved easily.


WordPress CMS is so flexible and adaptive that any person with little or more knowledge can create great websites.

Steps to Fix Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

If you are a WordPress website owner or a developer, you must have sometimes faced “Error establishing a database connection” Error. It’s obvious that you will be concerned but you should not worry too much as there is a solution to that. This problem can be fixed easily as this is a common WordPress error. First let’s understand this problem i.e. what this error is all about? This error is self-explanatory i.e. it’s an error in establishing a database connection. Actually WordPress uses PHP programming language and MySQL database. WordPress uses PHP commands to connect to the MySQL database, gets the information which is needed and then displays it on the screen. The error can come at this time.

This error occurs when, due to some reasons like issues with updation of WordPress Theme or WordPress plugin, WordPress cannot access the information in the database via PHP commands. When this happens, WordPress gives the error “Error establishing a database connection.”

Some of the most common reasons why this error occurs are: -

Wrong Login Credentials

WordPress needs the correct login and password to access the database. If they have been changed then WordPress will not be able to fetch anything from the database.

Corrupted WordPress files

Sometimes due to failed update or due to other reason, the core WordPress files get corrupted. This can happen due to failed update of themes, plugins or the main WordPress software.

Corrupted Database

This can happen when an unstable or unsafe plugin messes with the database, due to a hacker’s attack or when a theme fails.

The Database server is Down

Sometimes, the web server and the database server are installed on different systems and sometimes the database server may be down for some reason.

High Traffic

Sometimes due to high traffic, your database might become unresponsive.

Right Ways to Fix “error establishing a database connection”: -

Now you know what this error is all about. So now let’s discuss the right ways to fix this problem.

Contact Your Website Hosting Provider

If your website was working just few minutes ago and now it is not working, then there is a good chance that the problem might be at your website hosting’s end. Hence contact your hosting provider through live chat or phone call and inform them about the error. In most cases, they will tell you the cause of the error and will fix it for you. They will tell you if your database is alright and whether there is a spike in traffic or whether there is some hacking attack on the server. If the problem is not on their end, then proceed to the next step.

Check if Your Theme Files or Plugin Have Been Corrupted

There are some instances when your WordPress files get corrupted. This may happen either when you have updated a theme or a plugin which resulted in the problem. If you have not updated anything then skip this step. Otherwise, first connect to your host via FTP using a tool like FileZilla. Login with the username and password you know. After that connect to the server and navigate to the WordPress root folder. It’s generally called public_html or www.  If you are there, then you should see the sub-folders like wp-content and wp-admin. Now go into the wp-content and rename the “plugins” folder. Go back to your site and see if the error is still there. If not, then now you know the error was due to some plugin. Now to find out the exact plugin which is causing the problem, go back to FTP, rename the folder back to “plugins” and change the folder names of the individual plugins, one by one and keep checking your website when the error comes and when it goes away. Once you find out the specific plugin which is causing the error, delete it or search on internet for the solution. If the error is still there even after checking all of the plugins, do the same process with the “themes” folder. If this too doesn’t work, then the error is caused by something else.

Check if Your Database Has Been Corrupted

The WordPress database is a complex thing and sometimes something wrong happens inside it and it throws the error “error establishing a database connection.” First of all, check your WordPress dashboard – yoursite.com/wp-admin

If you still see the same error, then skip this step else see whether WordPress is suggesting something for you to do. WordPress has the ability to auto-resolve some of the problems and errors. If you see the message “Can’t Select the database” then follow the steps WordPress is suggesting and your problem may get resolved. If you see a message “One or more database tables are unavailable..”. Then you can repair the database by clicking on the Repair button which WordPress is showing. Once the automatic repair finishes, go back to your site and see if the error is still there. If error vanishes then you have done. Otherwise move on to the next step.

Check Your Database Connection Credentials

We have told you that WordPress uses the correct username and password to connect to the database. Generally, these access credentials remain same and you just have to remember them and use them as it is in the file wp-config.php.

But sometimes due to some of your actions like when you make changes to your site files, the hosting environment or anything else, these access credentials might change and it starts throwing “error establishing a database connection” error.

As the username and password to connect to the database are stored in the file wp-config.php hence you can copy these details from this file and send to your hosting provider and ask them whether these details are correct or not. The company technical support professional will check these details and will come back to you with some feedback. They will provide you with the correct details if something has changed. You just need to login via FTP, download the file wp-config.php, do the required changes into the file and upload it back via FTP. Now check your site to see whether the error has been resolved or not. If not, then move on to the next last step.

Restore the Default WordPress Files

In some cases, the core WordPress files can get corrupted due to many reasons for example if there is a hacking attempt on your website or when you have modified some files by chance, or due to the installation of a bad plugin. Whatever reason it might be, you can still restore the default, native WordPress files. The best way to do that is to just download a clean version of WordPress from WordPress.org and copy it over the one you have right now. For this go to the WordPress official website https://wordpress.org/download/ and download the latest package to your desktop. Now connect to your website via FTP, go to the main WordPress root, upload your new WordPress files and overwrite all the previous files. After this step, check your website again and see the result. This will resolve almost all of your problems.


If you have followed all of the above steps and process carefully then you will surely resolve and fix the error “error establishing a database connection” which you might have been facing with your WordPress website. If in some rare case, the error still comes then you have no choice than contacting your website hosting provider and telling them everything what you have done, what worked and what didn’t. Now it is the hosting provider who can do something to resolve this issue. If you wanted to avoid this error from coming in future, then you should take some steps. First thing is that always go for quality hosting. Choose the one which has optimized their platforms to work with WordPress. Second most important thing to do is to have backups. Install a simple backup plugin which works automatically and you will always have a working WordPress backup which you can restore anytime when everything else fails. I am sure the above steps will help you in resolving and preventing the error “error establishing a database connection” with your WordPress website.

Top WordPress Trends to Watch in 2019

WordPress is right now the most popular CMS platform to build any kind of website. Currently around 27% of all the websites on internet have been built using WordPress alone. Hence when it comes to developing a new website for any online business then WordPress comes at the top of the things and choices which strikes in every developer’s mind. Due to this huge popularity of WordPress, so many developers keep on working to improve it further. Therefore, we see many different and new trends emerging each year regarding WordPress Website development. If you are planning to create a website in 2019 then make sure that you use the fantastic features of WordPress and follow its recent trends. Below are some of the latest and finest WordPress trends that you should look for in 2019: -
WordPress Web Development

WordPress 5.0

We have seen many interesting trends in WordPress Development in past few years. Matt Mullenweg the founder and creator of WordPress and his firm Automattic doing WordPress development, had been working hard for developing a CMS software for the last 16 years. They have been continuously working to improve WordPress 4.0 for the last 4 years or so and now WordPress 5 is ready and WordPress 5.1 is scheduled to be launched in Feb, 2019. Hence it is estimated that WordPress 5 is going to take lead in 2019. We can expect more big changes with new updates which include the new editor i.e. Gutenburg.


With the updated version of WordPress 5.0, we have now got a highly revamped editor for writing blog posts and managing pages. This includes the ability to easily add videos with its block-based editor. 2018 trends indicate that video consumption has increased compared to previous years. Many telecom providers now offer 4G services leading to faster networks and cheaper data rates which has also led to more popularity of video content. This is valid whether we access websites through desktops, laptops or mobile devices. Hence now businesses will also want to utilize more video marketing strategies in 2019 and beyond.

Website Builders

Although there are thousands of themes available for WordPress but still it can be difficult to create a website for some developers. This situation is now changing due to the surge of popularity of website builders. They use a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface that enable all users to quickly customize the look of their web pages. Using website builders even the inexperienced users can create the striking and unique websites quickly. WordPress is also supporting this to keep ahead of competitors. Now there are many WYSIWYG builders specifically created for WordPress like Beaver Builder and Elementor. Even WordPress is working in this direction and launched the Gutenberg Editor in 2018. It features a drag and drop interface that enables you to freely customize different areas of a post or page. Hence it looks like page builders are the way of the future and we are likely to see them evolve and grow even more in the coming years.

Minimalism Evolved

Flat designs have been popular for quite some time now and they are going to remain in the limelight in 2019 too. This type of minimalist design focuses on simplicity while using flat colors, clarity and lots of white space. This puts focus on showcasing your content and it also ensures that your site will load fast and look good on all devices. This type of minimalism can be seen in many WordPress themes like the Arnold theme, which is aimed at creatives and makes great use of white spaces to let the text and images both shine. This trend is going to stay. Designs have been evolving to incorporate gradients, shadows and images. This creates a greater sense of depth on the page and lead to some eye-catching designs. By using this less-is-more approach to design, you can create websites that stand out. Also, it can improve your site’s loading speeds and make it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for more easily.

Mobile-Friendly Designs

Now let’s talk about responsive designs. In 2016, the number of internet users on mobile devices exceeded the number of desktop users for the first time. This was a turning point of web usage and made it clear that creating websites that are responsive and works fine on mobile devices has become even more important. This will lead to the optimization of WordPress site for mobile users. It can also be done by using certain plugins like WPtouch plugin, which creates a mobile theme based on your site that you can customize as you like. This plugin is even recommended by Google and makes sure that your mobile theme passes the search engine’s standards and criteria. You can also use another plugin named Jetpack plugin to quickly create a mobile theme for your website. You can also use Elementor plugin which can be used with any theme. It enables you to see your site emulated on phones, tablets and desktops so that you can make sure it will look good regardless of how and where it is viewed.


Design is mostly about the details. The trend of microinteractions is growing fast. It focuses on those small details and has become increasing popular in past few years. As the name says, this concept refers to the way elements on the site respond to small interactions in various ways. For example: – the action when a short animation plays if you click or hover over an icon. You must have seen this with Facebook reaction emojis. Microinteractions give your website a living feeling. They make it feel like you are really interacting with the page, rather than just looking at a static wall of information and content. You can use Animate It plugin to add such an effect on your website. This plugin lets you add animations to almost any content, including images and text. You can also find out when the animation will happen, how many times it will repeat and set both a start and exit point also. Hence you can use microinteractions to make your site feel more alive and responsive.


There is no doubt that 2019 is going to be an exciting year for WordPress users and website developers. You have to do little more work to keep yourself updated with the latest development and trends in WordPress website development. Designers are always creative and impatient and they are constantly working on to find out new ways to help WordPress look and function better. As new designs become more popular, visitors on your site will be expecting the same on your site too hence make sure you do your best to keep your WordPress website updated as per the latest trends in the market in 2019.

These Skills will make you a successful WordPress Consultant

An ideal business is created with much determination and perseverance and there is no doubt about the fact that being a WordPress consultant is also a kind of business- done at home! Work at home has its own challenges and benefits as well!

WordPress- being the best CMS around the world has become a source of earning without any hassle. As people with average technical knowledge of coding and website development start out with creating simple websites for clients. When they are very much into the designing and developing WordPress websites, then they easily start developing complex websites with WordPress.

Is there a difference between WordPress developer and consultant?

Well, there is a hell lot of difference between WordPress designer/ developer and a WordPress consultant. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the major skills and qualities that define the success of an expert in WordPress CMS.

WordPress is such a creative CMS that provides so much independence and freedom to the users and the developers that they can experiment out with the themes and plugins that are available in the WordPress directory. Not only the WordPress directory, but there are premium themes as well which are available in the WordPress marketplaces as well.

1: Full Control over working hours:

There are two things generally, which most of the earners feel jealous of when they see their counterparts holidaying somewhere and that is nothing else but because of the nature of the job. When you work at home, you exactly know that you will be able to be free as you can make your own plans easily and take the day off if you don’t have priorities. As a freelancer WordPress consultant, you can take full liberty over every task that you have been doing. You can always take time out for your loved ones and have lunch or dinner with them whenever you wish to! Sometimes, you may just not have the skills that are much needed to work at an office. This is when you can have your own rules and work at your own pace and time.

2: Earn while you learn:

It is very much true that one learns much with experience and less with bookish knowledge. You can learn so much new when your customers and clients come up with new requirements and maybe you are still not aware with most of them?

There’s no need to worry if this is the case for you. You can definitely need to learn about new technologies that are yet not used by you and that comes to your knowledge when you get the opportunity to learn them and earn money while learning them. Isn’t that an amazing thing being a WordPress consultant?

3: Skills intermixed with creative pursuit:

Being focussed is never an easy thing. But, did you know that if you have built your business with much concentration and focus, you are at good times. It is never easy to get a job which allows you to intermix your creativity to develop website with the skills you already have. We think this is just another benefit that you can choose this freelancing business. There is no need to work in a boring 9 to 5 job culture when you can work with so much creative freedom.

4: Choosing projects yourself:

I am sorry for those who are working in the same office every time when they have the chance to decide on the same few people, who must be able to withstand. God! What a nightmare!

If we hire someone to work for us, we choose who we are. The same can be said for customers. the initial number of unsatisfactory customers after the experience I have kept my clients ‘reliable’ policy for many years.

5: Setting limits:

This is very important. In the early days of my Freelance career, I was a bit outdated. Although I do not want, I am pleased, if a client wants me to work in their office. If a customer wants to do something, we say “yes”.

6:  Big opportunities can come your way:

If you work for men, you only have the opportunity to expand your career in full-time or part-time work. There are not many people who can reach the height as far as we know. But nothing prevents you from building an amazing business (WordPress or elsewhere) that works for yourself, leading you to surprisingly high success.


With advanced WordPress themes, we’ve seen a lot of creativity when designing a WordPress site for our customers. Using so many WordPress plugins, we also saw a great website. Being a WordPress consultant is certainly not an easy task. This is because we need to understand all aspects of website design and development, as well as the development of the WordPress site.

6 Latest WordPress web development design trends of 2019

A website is like a mirror of any brand that definitely reflects the credibility and worthiness of any brand. First thing that any web visitor observes and experiences in the website is surely the colors of the website as well as the layout of the website which defines the ease of browsing the website. It is the design of the website and the whole alignment as well as formatting, either in any website or in WordPress Web Development.
WordPress Web Development
In this blog post, we will discuss the design trends that are really making rounds in the web design niche. Most of the inexpert website designers tend to ignore the design aspect of the website because they are more worried about the development aspect, sadly, coding does takes a lot of time. But, it really doesn’t mean that the design of the website is not taken care. It’s all about the looks of the website in creating a successful website. It is integrating the latest web design and WordPress web development hand-in-hand.

As we already know that the people are becoming more sharper and smarter than ever and they know well when the website is made amazing with latest design trending in the industry. As the internet is more accessible to more and more people, almost all business owners are getting websites made for their brands so that they are able to reach their potential customers easily. The color of the website as well as the graphics, layout etc. are some of the factors that should be taken care in any type of web development.

However, what kind of trends does your company want to look for in 2019?

Are there any special trends in promoting an online business strategy?

Are certain trends compatible with your brand identity?

Here are the 6 trends that will be popular for website designing in WordPress web development in the upcoming years.

● Seamless user interface/ user experiences.
● Whitespace design.
● Custom made graphics and images.
● Bright and bold colors as well as gradations.
● Integration of responsive mobile design.
● Easy Integration with video.

1. Amazing User Interface/ User Experience:

People know the network better than ever. Today’s web users want a complete online experience from start to finish. If you are unable to meet this expectation, it will cause serious problems for your business.

Suppose you were trying to access the site and get it. However, finding a searchable item is difficult. In addition, the payment transaction is confusing.

Or are you frustrated and because you don’t want to spend money to a company, are you saving? If you are honest, you may be saved. This means that a bad UI/ UX weakens many potential sales. You may not realize how much trustworthy hints left in the bad interface.

2. Whitespace Design:

Whitespace is an empty part of the page. Technically, it doesn’t even have to be white: It means that too many graphics, and photos are not even necessary. This trend of whitespace integration is not new. Now imagine entering a house with plenty of space and warm attractive lights: A small stylish little piece of hand and hand selected. Will it not look much attractive in WordPress web development as well? The website should be similar to what we just said! If you pack too many graphic elements or too much information into a small space (no matter how much they offer value), your site will be outdated and its functionality will be reduced.

3. Customized Graphic Designing and Images:

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to visually separate your site from your competitors. This is impossible if you use a generic page template. Web templates have been improved over the years – they can be customized like never before. But they are still models. This means that thousands of other sites use the same model. Your business will not lose its crowd and its competitors will not be confused.

4. Bright, bold color and gradation:

Computer screens can provide brighter and more saturated colors than easily print media. In addition, color is one of the most powerful visual communication tools. By making messages easier to read and more visually appealing, the right color can add 40% to your readers. Because color is the first thing our brains see from the brand, it is usually the first one that attracts us.

5. Mobile Responsive website design:

Since 2016, users are increasingly using the Internet through mobile devices, not laptops and computers. Mobile devices are the most common way to access the Internet and web designing must support mobile users. According to the ComScore survey, mobile users use twice the online time of desktop users. Need another reason to answer? Think about how people are looking for something. Google heads said that more than 48% of users started searching for content on mobile devices. The responsive web design adapts to the size and shape of the display of the device used to display the webpage.

6. Smooth and seamless Video Integration:

Have you ever noticed that you are watching random videos on the Internet because playback starts automatically on the Internet? Now you know what you have. Changing shoes from Nike can take a few minutes to watch the shoes. People like video. Video can draw our attention just like any other form of media. Not only that, the video can also improve your SEO rating. In order to evaluate your own value, Google measures the time spent by visitors on your pages. The more time you spend, the higher your rating. Video encourages people to stay on the site and spend more time on your site.


Adhering to trends is a good way to understand where your business is going. Your website is an important part of your brand and whether you choose WordPress web development or any other CMS. Your brand and marketing strategy evolve, your website should do the same. Ultimately, your site and your brand should work together.

Ways to save WordPress customization while updating website

Freedom to create unique websites is most probably the best thing that a CMS can offer to the users. There are many features and functionalities that a website developer may only be able to integrate into website with WordPress Customization. For this, every business owner needs to hire an expert WordPress website development company or a developer who knows it well how to create a unique website using coding as well as plugins.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss how you can update the WordPress website plugin without losing all the customizations on the website which were made through the plugins. So, you have made the mind that you finally want to update the WordPress website but at the same time, you don’t want to lose any of the changes that were made through the plugin/ theme, of course!

How to save the WordPress customization with theme update?

If you are already worried, don’t worry anymore because after reading this post, you will straight get to work and save all the customized features of your website.

Well, we have a great news for you! Your concern to save your dear customized features even after the update of the plugin in your website. WordPress is quite a big CMS that has been necessarily popular due to its independence of customising the website without technical knowledge and fuss. Updating a website with WordPress customization is for the benefits and protecting the website from any glitches in the future.

Why is it necessary to update WordPress website time to time?

Not only it is necessary to update a website created in WordPress CMS, but also any website that lives on code, needs to be updated from time to time. Security threats can become very common in a website if there is a delay in updating the website due to the fear of loss of customized data. Not only security threats, but the repercussions would also be seen on the performance issues as well. Backup and update words literally go hand in hand.

We can honestly say yes to if you can save your WordPress customization, but then, there are restrictions! These are not at all major restrictions. It’s just that there are different ways in which the customization is carried out. There is one way, that can help you save the customized website and other methods may not be able to save the data.

● Updating the website with theme modification features:         

The first is updating or customizing the theme. This can be done in a number of ways, but we recommend creating a best practice of using the child theme for customizing the theme. Subtitles are layers of the current WordPress theme, from which one can inherit functions and edit without affecting the theme.

If your work is done by a professional WordPress developer when a new update is released, you can safely update the main theme and continue to use all of the customizations included with the sub themes without any problems. Subthemes save all customizations so you can safely update the parent theme by publishing a new version of the theme that your theme provider uses, but the customizations you use will be left behind.

Maintaining older theme is easy, but updating sub theme is not easy. If the update is not done in a professional manner, updating the sub-theme can remove custom edits made to them.

Just like any other custom code, Subthemes are usually created by site owners or hired developers to customize themes. In most cases, the sub themes do not usually “receive” updates for this reason.

To avoid these problems, follow the best practices that developers should follow for WordPress customization to save all the customized content required for a custom plugin and then apply it directly to the top of the main theme instead of editing it in the file. In this way, one can make changes by adding modifications to another “location” that can be easily fixed (if necessary), upgraded to advanced subtitles, and such custom plugins can be installed.

2. Update WordPress website customized with a plugin:

When you modify a website with a WordPress Plugin to customise with advanced features, you should be aware that the process is completely different than the WordPress theme customization.

Plugins actually do not offer the ability to create “sub-attachments”. That is why there is another way to update the customization to the plugin modified website so that it can be upgraded safely in the future. If you use properly encoded extensions, best practice tell developers that they use hooks as actions and filters.


In this blog post, we discussed about the ways that can help any WordPress Developer save the WordPress customization features and functionalities easily that have been implemented with the help of theme modification or plugin modification.

Top WordPress Mistakes to Avoid by WordPress Beginners in 2019

Finally, if you have made plan to build your website and that too using WordPress then it is natural for you to become delightful and excited as it will definitely bring more success to your enterprise or business. But in this excitement don’t forget that you need to know many things before getting started. While the platform and themes are there to help you build amazing websites, there are some common mistakes that beginners make which if you commit too then it may result in a bad experience for you and bring stress to you. Hence if you want to relieve yourself from the stress, it is good to know what mistakes beginners make so you can avoid them right from the beginning. By knowing what you should and shouldn’t do, you can save a lot of time during the website building process and also save yourself from a lot of problems later on.

There is no doubt that you may go through some moments of trial and error as you are making your WordPress Theme and WordPress Plugin look and function the way you want them to. But certainly, you can avoid some of these trials and errors by reading below the most common WordPress mistakes beginners can avoid. If you desire to become a successful WordPress user, you should avoid these common mistakes right from the beginning. Let’s start.

Installing Too Many WordPress Plugins

Having thousands of free and paid WordPress plugins is actually one of the main benefits of using WordPress. Actually, a lot of people choose WordPress only because such variety of plugins are not provided by other platforms. Hence you can also be tempted to use and install so many of these plugins into your WordPress website. But if you think you can install almost every plugin available in the WordPress store, then you are mistaken. Although it looks tempting but you should avoid doing this. You only need some WordPress plugins to make your website function smoothly. Hence instead of installing so many plugins, select the ones that are absolutely necessary for your WordPress website. Only go for the ones which will definitely improve the functionalities of your website and which you need urgently. This is because installing too many plugins hugely affects the loading speed and performance of your website and sometimes makes it incompatible with current software requirements. Also check your WordPress plugins from time to time and deactivate or uninstall the ones which you no longer require.

Not Changing the Default Admin Username

One of the most common mistake most WordPress beginners make is leaving the default admin username same on their WordPress. Actually when you install WordPress, it automatically creates a username “admin” and gives it the administrator rights. Although you can keep the default username but if you don’t change it to something unique then it will make your website vulnerable to hacking attacks. Suppose, if hackers target your WordPress website then they can use the default username and try many passwords to gain control over your website and if they become successful then it will be really a bad news for your website and your business. To avoid this kind of situation, change the default WordPress username as WordPress gives you the option to change the username during the installation process itself. Hence don’t skip this step when you are asked to do so. Experts always recommend you to change the username from the default one and you should create a complex username which can’t be guessed easily.

Not Updating WordPress Regularly

If you develop a website using WordPress, then your job doesn’t finish. You have to invest time to keep it updated and relevant to search engine requirements. You need to update the themes and plugins regularly and most important is to update the WordPress core from time to time whenever the update is available. Many beginners think that once the website is done and goes live, their job is also done. But if that happens then that is their biggest mistake. A web developer is not only responsible for the development of a website but he is also responsible for the management and maintenance of the website in future. If you don’t update your WordPress regularly then it might crash any time. Also if the WordPress and its plugins are not updated then they may get hacked or infected with malware or virus anytime.

Not Using Google Analytics

You must have heard about Google Analytics if you are related to the web development field. If you still haven’t heard about it then most probably you are too new to the world of WordPress. Google Analytics is a free web analytics service by Google which offers the user with important statistics and insights about a particular website. Many WordPress beginners are not familiar with the functions of Google Analytics. That’s why they create and manage websites without taking the immense benefits of this tool. WordPress provides only a limited insight about your website. Hence for more detailed analysis of your website, you should use Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics, you can monitor the website traffic, track the behavior of the visitors and know which keywords are performing better in a given time period. There is also one more tool named Google Webmaster tools which also you can use to keep track of your website’s health and performance.

Not Optimizing the Website for Mobile Users

As per latest reports, more than 60% of the internet traffic and website visits originate from mobile devices and this number is increasing each day. Hence if you are a web developer then you can easily understand the importance of optimizing the WordPress websites for mobiles. Although nowadays most of the experienced web developers optimize their websites to provide better user experience on mobiles but a lot of beginners in the field of web development still develop their websites without optimizing them for mobile browsing experience. This makes the website incompatible for mobiles and greatly reduces the web traffic coming from mobile users which is huge today. The first step in this direction is to use a responsive WordPress theme that automatically adapts to whatever the screen size is or whichever device is used to access it. Also there are many mobile plugins for example WPtouch and WPTap, which you can use to make your WordPress website more compatible to mobile devices. This way not only your WordPress website will work amazingly on mobile devices but your online business will also thrive.


We have just discussed some of the common mistakes that WordPress beginners make while developing a WordPress website. But this list is very long like you should optimize all of your images on WordPress, you should not skip the contact form on your WordPress website, you should choose an appropriate theme, you should not use weak username and password and many others. Once you are into the process of developing a WordPress website you should research well on this subject and avoid all of these mistakes which beginners generally make. If you do that properly then there is no doubt that your WordPress website will bring much more success to your online business and it will make your website a reputed brand on internet.