An updated WordPress version can do wonders on your website. Here’s how.

WordPress is an ever growing Content Management system which frequently releases its new versions. With every new update, there is a buzz whether it is worth to upgrade the latest version of WordPress or not. Well, it is very crucial to update the latest versions of WordPress. Here are some important reasons.

1. Enhanced Security

Since WordPress has accumulated millions of users, it has also targeted thousands of hackers at the same time. It’s powerful content management system which serves more than 24.7% of the websites on the web which certainly drive attention of the multiple users who are called as “Hackers” or “Data Thieves.” They probably crave to embed a malicious script into your website. Therefore, security is arguably one of the most crucial reason why to keep your website up to date.

The new and advanced version comes with improved security and advanced features. This not only applies to the core software of WordPress but also to the universally accepted WordPress themes. Thus, in order to ensure safety and highest security for WordPress users, one needs to focus on its features and security.

2. Better Performance with good Speed

WordPress always try hard to make things faster. Every new release of WordPress comes with several improvements in performance which make the popular CMS run quicker and more efficient. It also speeds up the performance of the existing themes and plugins. As an instance, the newer version of WordPress 4.2 comes with several new improved JS performance for navigation menus. The WordPress 4.1 comes with complex queries which help to improve the performance of the website.

So updating your WordPress website with the latest update helps you improve the performance of your website along with plugins and themes.

3. Reduce Bugs

Many times, bugs slip inside through the crack, despite various WordPress release. Thus to account these bugs, there are regular WordPress latest versions. Thus, eliminating any minor or major bugs from the previous versions is another popular reason for minor WordPress version release especially the ones with X.X.X.

If you visit the WordPress support forums asking for help, they first advice you to update your WordPress because it might fix the issue.

4. Compatibility

Compatibility is also a significant reason that encourages the webmasters or developers to update their websites. One should ensure to take advantage of newly available feature and enhancement. With the release of the newest version of core WordPress, plugins, and themes some themes and plugins become irreconcilable with the older versions of the WordPress and vice versa.

In fact, often theme and plugin developers synchronize their updates with the latest update of the WordPress to ensure improvements and features are being incorporated into the plugins and themes.

5. Improved Features

Each version of WordPress comes with enhanced features which are quite obvious. Often new version of WordPress is set to offer new features to the WordPress users. For instance, WordPress 3.9 comes with enhanced media support with header preview and improved media experience. The revised version 4.3 came with formatting shortcuts within the visual editor and inbuilt support for site icons.

If one is working on the older version of the WordPress, then your experience may differ hugely with the one who is using the latest version of the WordPress.

How to update your WordPress website

Updating the WordPress website, its plugins and themes are relatively easy. It often comes with built-in update notification system. The WordPress dashboard often highlights the updates when you log on to it. The developers just need to visit Dashboard > Updates page and further install those updates. It can be done via a single click.

However, many website owners do not log on to see the dashboard daily. So, there are other options too which serves them. The WordPress version 3.7 or above automatically updates for major releases, plugins as well as themes. Alternatively, one also gets email notification on the subscribed email address for updating. On any new update available, this plugin sends an email notification to the developer.

It regularly keeps track on WordPress core update, plugin updates, and theme updates. One simply has to save the setting with the test email button.

Get Email notification for Updates

It is always easier to get an email notification whenever there is any update for your WordPress website rather than always checking it. A developer simply needs to install and activate WP Updates Notifier plugin. It usually checks for updates in every hour. For activation of this plugin, visit Settings > Updates Notifier to configure the plugin settings. And whenever there is any change in this plugin, a new email notification is sent to your registered email address.

By default, it checks for WordPress core updates, plugin updates, and theme updates. A developer simply needs to save the setting with the test email button.

Auto-Install WordPress Updates

WordPress automatically updates the process for further release, plugins, and themes. It is the easy option to manage WordPress hosting. The WordPress companies automatically update your site to major WordPress version. However, there is always a risk in updating automatically.

Let’s see how to use plugin method. A developer simply needs to install an Easy Updates Manager plugin. Upon activation, visit Dashboard > Update Options page to configure the plugin. Now the user needs to scroll to the automatic update section where the developer can update the core, plugins, themes, and translation files. Once completed a developer can save the file.

Wrapping up

It is very crucial to keep your WordPress site up to date. This makes certain that your website performs effectively and more importantly gives freedom from bugs and security breaches. The regular updating enables the website works in a bug-free environment while also enjoying new and amazing features.

What’s So Exceptional In WordPress 4.5 Updated Features For Developers?

As you know that beta version of WordPress 4.5 was already been released by WordPress organization. Following closely with the development process of WordPress, it’s a great news that WordPress 4.5 version, that’s the latest version of WordPress is now expected to be released by the second week of April, 2016. In this article, you will come across various essential highlights of WordPress 4.5 version that will help you know about “what’s new is cooking inside WordPress 4.5 version features and its screen-shots. Well, this is the beta release of WordPress 4.5 version and it comes with all the new features that you are going to have access to WordPress 4.5 until its final release that is due in the second week of April 2016.

Nowadays WordPress development process is drastically taking its brand name among WordPress developers. But, developing a professionally sound WordPress website surely needs to focus towards hiring a professionally sound WordPress Developer. It will help you increase your chances of getting more business opportunities at high productivity rates.

Let’s see what are those unique and enhanced amenities that WordPress 4.5 version has in its store?

Theme Logo Support:

Appending a Theme logo feature from a customizer is a long awaited feature in WordPress CMS tool. WordPress 4.5 version has added new theme logo support to WordPress core. There are too many premium WordPress themes that efficiently encourage users to upload custom logo features, by using their own options panel. With the core support of WordPress feature, it would become extremely easy for users to perform the theme customization process from theme customizer panel.

Visual Editor Improvements:

As it is quite understood that majority of WordPress users spend half of their time in developing  contents for blogging purposes. Anything that offers the capability to initiate the writing experience of WordPress contents into much better form and faster, then  it is always considered as a good thing.  WordPress 4.5 is developed with enhanced and highly new improvement features to work with the visual editor, that has firmly improved the writing experience for users.

Inline Link Annotations:

WordPress as we know, it already comes with the topmost time saving short-cuts, that helps all of us, and especially frequent WordPress bloggers to write faster than ever before. One of these shortcuts you have with you is CTRL+K (Command+K on Mac), that allows you to insert links in different WordPress posts. Further, this newly developed shortcut agapes all your insert link pop-up options for WordPress users. Further, moving ahead with the new WordPress 4.5 version, lets you access CTRL+K shortcut key that exemplifies an inline insert link menu. You simply need to type the URL and then just continue writing your blogs on that section or any other type of posts without even removing hands from keyboard.

Inline Text Alternatives:

Inline text shortcuts were introduced in WordPress 4.3 version that encouraged users to append various formatting mark-up features by using simple text shortcuts at rapid speed.  So, in latest version of WordPress 4.5, you can easily work with more shortcuts such as  “code for code” and **bold** for bold. Users who are not fine with working with these new WordPress 4.5 shortcuts, they have other option to disable inline text shortcuts in visual editor.

Improved Moderate Comment Guard:

It is quite usual for most of the bloggers to spend half of their time in modifying the comments in WordPress. Comment modification in WordPress is another necessary task that every blogger has to go through in order to adjust all the comment spam in WordPress.

So, in new WordPress 4.5 version, it sends you email notifications whenever there is any new comment submitted to the WordPress blog section. So, clicking on the “approve section”, “spam” or “trash link” in the email, it will take you to the screen where you can have access to multiple comments with a button to perform the desired action.

Responsive Preview in Customizer Section:

WordPress 4.5 has introduced another cool addition to the customizer panel that will encourage WordPress users to analyze responsive previews of their blogging sites directly in the customizer section.  It simply asks you to click on the designated device icon at the bottom area to easily switch to view mode between devices. Currently it will allow WordPress users to show up desktop, tablet, and mobile device sneak peaks. This feature further gives you a generic idea on the matter of about discussing “how your blogging website would appear on the respective devices?”

Optimized Image Size Generation Process:

When WordPress organization introduced various unique responsive images in WordPress 4.4, it allowed users to view their contents on smaller screens in an appropriate manner. Of-course, this feature appeared to be a great in front of WordPress users as it drastically enhanced the content viewing purposes of websites on relatively smaller screens, by further saving their money on data plans.  But, after introducing WordPress 4.5 version, it offers more improved process of viewing contents of bloggers. WordPress version 4.5 has further optimized images to depreciated site’s quality damage up-to 50%.

That’s All Folks! You are further welcome to put your comments forward!!

3 Major Features of WordPress 4.4 Version Worth Exploring

WordPress is well-known for releasing new version updates quite frequently. It’s been just a year since WordPress 4.3 was launched, and now the CMS giant has introduced its new 4.4 version. Called as “Clifford”, the recent version update brings forth many new features just like older WordPress versions.

Through this article, I’ll be helping you learn about WordPress 4.4 new features worth exploring.

1. Twenty Sixteen Theme

Well, one of the most common features you can expect from every WP version release is a new default theme. And this time is no different, as the 4.4 version has introduced a brand new default theme, referred to as “Twenty Sixteen”. What makes the theme distinct from previous default themes is its modern yet minimalist look and feel.

In fact, the new theme looks a lot like the Tumblr blog rather than a typical WordPress blog. Also it delivers the same kind of experience across devices similar to Tumblr blogs. In addition, it can also be changed using a wide collection of color schemes.

2. Responsive Images

The second most notable feature of WordPress 4.4. version is responsive images. For quite long, making a site’s images responsive has been a pain for WP users and developers alike. But now with the responsive images feature, you no longer have to worry about making your images scale to the fit any device screen. Since this is a built-in feature of 4.4 version, you just need to activate it.

3. Embed WordPress Posts Directly Into Other Sites

Lastly, now you will have the ability to embed all your WP posts into any other WordPress website(s) without much hassle with 4.4 version update. Till many years, WP users had the capability that allowed them to embed content from other sites (and sources) into their blog posts. And now, you can embed posts into sites. To do so, you will have to drop a WordPress post URL into the post editor. This will automatically embed the post.

Each embedded WP post will showcase: title, excerpt, and featured image. Besides this, website’s favicon, comment links and/or post sharing options, are also expected to be included in the new version release.


All the above three features discussed look promising and seem to help WordPress users have great fun and better control at customizing a WP powered site. In case you are having difficulty in implementing any of these features, it is advised that you must consider taking up a WordPress professional assistance.