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5 Keys to Efficiently Building a WordPress Website

WordPress can get tricky if you glide past the basics and right away aim for the extravagance. Now, any WordPress site can be made as creatively unique as you please, but if you end up not paying attention to the most crucial basics, you might as well find yourself scrambling to put up a website that makes it arduous for a visitor to navigate through, which implies that you have fallen well short of the mark.

Creating a WordPress powered website is about being green and easy at the beginning. You can go bonkers with creativity, but initially, the foundation has to be laid using a step of procedures that won’t lose their relevance over the period of time:

#1.) – The Underlying Theme or Idea it is Representing

To begin with, you need to make sure that the blog’s structure helps the information you put in to send across the requisite brand message across. The idea behind the design and the overall conceptualization of the layout has to be decided upon before you even begin with the actual designing process. Now, whether you are inspired by your likely competitors in creating that concept or you come up with an original one, what matters is that it resonates.

#2.) – Create a Roadmap that Charts Out the Client Requirements

While the creativity bubbling inside you shouldn’t be stifled, but you can’t completely snub the client inputs. At the end of the day, your clients won’t be as impressed by how good your site looks to them. What they are more concerned about is how it pitches their business for accelerated growth and whether it brings them numbers.

The client doesn’t want the website to become the keystone for design as much as they want it to become the keystone of success. And there definition of “success” is the measure of customers they gain out of it.

So, have a clear eyed idea of what your objectives are, and create your website around those objectives.

#3.) – Decide How You Wish to Execute it – Using Conversions or by Building the Site from Scratch

Now, a WordPress website can be built in more than one ways. While some prefer to begin right from the scratch, others take a comparatively shorter route by taking a design file and getting it converted to a WordPress template.

And then, there is the third category of webmasters who take prefer converting an already existing HTML site to a WordPress one. HTML sites are pretty static but they have a number of things ready made and thus, the process to convert those is takes lesser time and you get more room to innovate and ideate. Also, the PSD designs are tried and true and you have a better idea regarding how to shape them into your preferred template.

The HTML to WordPress conversion has been the much sought-after technique to create the most responsive and visually the most appealing WordPress templates. Get some great developers and designers on board who have extensive experience in executing these conversions and let your template make a boast.

#4.) – Install Some Tools and Plugins to Give a Velvet touch to the Site

If you didn’t have your ears to the ground, you must be realizing the value WordPress plugins can add to your site. With the market tossing competent competitors at a blinding speed, it is imperative to stand out. And these plugins let you achieve exactly that.

Now there are some obvious plugins like Jetpack, Google Analytics, SEO Yoast, etc. So will scroll through some plugins that not so popular, but extremely resourceful nevertheless

Some of the plugins you can’t miss out on:

  • Broken Link Checker- For all the invalid links on posts and images, the Broken Link Checker is a perfect tool to replace them.

  • W3 Total Cache- Now, this may already be a popular plugin, but one that needs to be repeatedly mentioned. Boost Your website’s speed reliably with this de facto of a plugin.

  • WordPress Backup to Dropbox: In the event the site crashes, here is something you can fall back on

  • BJ Lazy Load: For a greater control over the images used in the post, like for scaling them, making them more responsive, etc, BJ Lazy Load is an exceptional plugin.

#5.) – Get some Quality Content Up on the Site

Be it for your own site, or for your client’s, you have to put up some quality content on the site to complement the overall design of the site. If you are developing a site for the client, make sure you communicate to them that publishing a reasonable amount of content that is qualitatively rich is the only way they can hope to get Google notice them.

WordPress surely has a stamp all overt the web and your decision to choose it over the other CMS is already well placed. Follow that with attention to every detail that there is to building a site, and you will be winningly rewarded.

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