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How WordPress Lets You Create Striking Website with Utter Simplicity

The technology doesn’t cease to greet us with innovations that are bigger, fancier, and better than the present (and soon to be past) stock. And when it comes to web technology, there is an elevated focus on quality, and the frequency with which novel solutions are tossed at us.

And if we draw more focus at the content Management systems that are available to the web developers of the world to create websites on, there are several much-recommended and much-revered options for developers to choose from.

However, if you go by sheer stats, WordPress rules beyond a speck of doubt:

  • . When Technorati listed its top 100 blogs, as much as 48% of those websites were built on WordPress.

  • On this date in calendar, a mind boggling 75 million websites, in some way or other, depend on WordPress. Half of such websites are solely hosted on

  • Every second, 5-6 WordPress posts are published across the web realm. This piece of stats is astonishing in itself, but not so when you compare it with the previous ones.

The above stats make it clear (if only by a glimpse) that WordPress is indeed a choice that should work the best for your business, among all the other available options. There is a greater degree of certainty in respect to the benefits this CMS can vest you up with.

So, whether you have design files waiting to be converted into a website, or you seek to go for HTML to WordPress conversion, the decision shouldn’t be a difficult one for you to make. There are conclusive reasons backing them, and when you hire services of a professional WordPress development company, there is much to be gained. Let us take a non-statistic look at those reasons:

Fresh and Novel W3C Themes

When you are converting a PSD file or a static HTML site to WordPress, you have the wherewithal to do so using hand-coded technique, which to a large extent guarantees originality of themes and lesser scope for errors. The resulting themes are characterized by a clutter free perm link structure and every short-term goals you set for the website are easily gettable and you are able to steer clear of the typical issues.

Placing Semantic Markups Becomes Simpler

For making sure that the semantic markups you inject to the website pitch it well for receiving more and more organic traffic, you need a system that facilitates simpler inclusion of these markups. And WordPress lets you achieve exactly that. It offers you a simpler and much more effective way to implement semantic markups so that the search engine crawlers have easy time scanning information on your website and indexing it in a way that they are returned at a good rank whenever the relevant query is searched for.

The DIY-Factor

Not every webmaster has an easy access to a rollicking developer. When you want a website that you can make modifications to without seeking outside help, WordPress again proves to be the perfect choice. The non fussy structure and the user-friendly tools of WordPress let the website managers seamlessly manage their site and make changes on the fly – as and when the requirements dictate that. You do not need to be an HTML expert and WordPress also spares you the usage of complex editor tools like Dreamweaver.

Customization Unbridled

The market never remains static, so why should your website be. The web development realm calls for constant reinventions and wordpress theme customization every fortnight, and with WordPress hoisting your website, do so becomes a breeze. There are different themes for you to choose from and whenever you feel the need to change the overall layout of the site or make it more responsive on different devices and operating systems, all you need to do is a simple search process to look for a perfect-fit template and install it without having to know any coding.

Extending the Features and Overall Functionality is Not a Sweat-soaked Exercise

Now this can also come under the ‘customization capabilities’ point, but when we say ‘extending’ we usually refer to reaching level of functionality you didn’t envisage when you had built the website. The WordPress plugins are abundant in number. Whether it is for more regular functions like boosting the SEO, increasing site’s security or speed, or whether it is for those not-so-common features like customizing which related posts are seen under specific posts, embedding the different social media buttons, creating author boxes, modifying website on festivals or for different occasions, you have a plugin for every desirable feature.

The trends might fluctuate at a warp speed, but the way WordPress keeps molding and reinventing itself, we can be rest assured that this CMS is always going to dictate trends in its favor.

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