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Here is how you can hire WordPress developer without coding knowledge?

There is a very much possibility that you are dreaded to hire WordPress developer if you know nothing about code and still want to get a perfect WordPress website. Well, don’t be fearful anymore as we are going to talk about some serious tips that will come handy to you in case you are not sure about how to Hire a Developer who will be very much in line with th requirements.

Any business owner or an entrepreneur is only able to extract maximum benefits from the business or a brand only if the WordPress website is created by the professional web designers. But, if you don’t know anything about coding or you don’t have any technical knowledge, then you will not be very much sure when you are on the spree to hire one.

You may already know that there are so many articles that talk about tips and methods to hire a perfect WordPress developer but do they keep in mind that what would happen if the business owner or the app investor that they are talking about has little or no experience about coding and what code knowledge is required.

We are surely not saying that the recruiter needs to has knowledge about coding or technical things but he has to know that what technical knowledge will be required to create the best websites with some amazing features and functionalities. Experience counts a lot when it comes to hire WordPress developer so never skip checking upon the expertise level of your prospective web developer. Otherwise, you will have to repent later on.

What are the dangers of hiring developers in non-technical way?

Well, it may not seem like a big problem initially, but things can go wrong if you don’t take care about these factors. Just a little mistake of copying and pasting a wrong code snippet can lead to a big crackdown on your website which is certainly not an easy task to handle. It will lead to bad situations which seem to be very anxious and that anxiousness gives birth to more mistakes, which you of course don’t want to happen.

If you want to avoid any of these situations in every way, there is every reason that you should not ignore any factors as you just create a WordPress website once. That website is the very identity and face of the brand that you own. So, never compromise on the quality of the website by hiring a developer without taking into account certain factors that we will be dCodes, arrays and functions- as well as fixing bugs- These might not be definitely everyone’s cup of tea. We may also say that if you hadn’t have enough knowledge about these you will never be ready to learn them too, just when you don’t have time for your business, how can you take a toll on time by learning something from scratch. So, just follow the things that we have just discussed in this blog post to get an amazing WordPress website for your brand or business or even a professional blog!iscussing here.

Ways to hire WordPress developer with technical knowledge:

But first, we have an advice for you to keep in mind whenever you are on the spree to hire an amazing WordPress developer. Never get frustrating along the process even if you know that you want an amazing WordPress developer.

1. Figure out the requirements consciously:

People are building almost every type of website on WordPress, including blogs, websites, social communities and e-commerce. So, we can say that the needs of the people are diverse, therefore, you should know it well that what type of website you require for your very own brand or business. You can create a checklist for the requirements you have which obviously will come handy when you are looking to hire WordPress developer who is able to handle all the technicalities as well as non-technical tasks related to the development and bugs that can come in front anytime!

Custom websites is what is trending right now so make sure you write your requirements keeping in mind all the current trends in the industry.  Creating custom forms for optimizing the database and fine-tuning the theme. It all depends on how you convey to the world about the requirement, how you write the job description. Clear explanation, necessary results, budget, deadline, and so on are the prerequisites.

2. Go for the recommendations from IT professionals:

Suppose you need a technician right now, but what do you do if you don’t understand where to start? You can ask your family, friends and colleagues to get recommendations about the professional you need.

The same can be said for WordPress website experts also. First, ask trusted developers and experts for the people and businesses you know.
Anyone interested in helping you and suggest you to interview particular WordPress developers? Then expand your research and ask if there is a name to share with you. Also, don’t forget LinkedIn. Contact a person and send requests to people who work together. Referrals are still an effective way of introducing to professional developers and designers. You are not a professional in creating websites, so one needs a skilled WordPress expert for sure.

3. Check out the entire Portfolio + Reputation:

If the name appears in the list of potential employees or you make a list of the prospective candidates, the identification phase will begin now. They say “code is poetry,” as in the form of literature, you need to understand the people behind these code strings.

You can do this by browsing the portfolio, website and online archives such as GitHub, Dribbble, and see the following.

How do they present their work?
Do they have well-designed case studies in detail?
Have they participated in the WordPress community?
How users review the plugins and themes (if any)

Are themes related to blogs written in perfect code or not, for this you can take the help of employment agency or consultants as well to hire WordPress developer who knows well to create a WordPress website? Then expand your research, look at their social profile and see what groups they are and how they are involved. Pay particular attention to this important aspect. Did they help them when users ask questions, or have they ironically commented like a jerk? Answering questions is not a great thing for developers/ designers, but smart experts may be far from ideal partners for a limited time.

4. Paying attention to professional strengths and weaknesses:

It is always a wise thing that you carry out a proper screening test when it comes to hiring WordPress developers and you can better understand them by gathering information about potential candidates. Your goal is to remember that you know more about them as a person and their skills, abilities, weaknesses and strengths. A candidate should be able to know easily the hopes and requirements of the recruiter. Not only keep good contacts with the employer but also, good behaviour with other team members is very important. What is their attitude to work? Is their way of working equal to your way of working? What is their role?

5. Asking useful questions in interview:

Because you can’t judge their code while you hire WordPress developer, focus on what’s important to you (by reading all of the things described at the beginning of the research) and asking important questions, one should definitely ask about some senseful questions.

Give concrete examples of past projects related to the current project and comment on them. In this way you can set the interview questions in the appropriate area. In other words, you can fully understand whether the candidate is suitable for your WordPress website or not!

6. Entrepreneurial bent of mind:

WordPress developers, theme designers, CRO experts, etc should have experience of freelance or small business. We are not saying it alone. Experts from the field are of the view that it is very important for the developers to have worked independently at some point of time so that they are aware of what it takes to build a successful business through a website. This is a good discussion as it shows that the candidate knows how to think like a CEO. In other words, they can trust and know how to make maximum use of their time in the best and most worthwhile way without much negligence. In other simple words, let’s just say that they should have an entrepreneurial bent of mind.

7. Intensive client feedback:

The last step to hire WordPress experts is to gather feedback from people who actually hired them. Yes, that is time to talk with their previous clients. So you can send a short email asking if they would like to share a quick feedback on working with professionals you are interested in or can they talk on phone. Please ask the following questions about each client and project. Is the work done on time? Does the project maintain budget? How satisfied are you with the final result? To be honest, to increase the chances of getting short, fun and useful answers will get you the best WordPress website ever.


Codes, arrays and functions- as well as fixing bugs- These might not be definitely everyone’s cup of tea. We may also say that if you hadn’t have enough knowledge about these you will never be ready to learn them too, just when you don’t have time for your business, how can you take a toll on time by learning something from scratch. So, just follow the things that we have just discussed in this blog post to get an amazing WordPress website for your brand or business or even a professional blog!

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